In the air we go

More than 10 years experiences
in unmanned aerial vehicle industry


ALEEGO team is working on UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) thematic for more than 10 years. The company’s managers are pioneers and experts in the UAV industry in Europe. Operation crew is composed of former officers from Special Forces.

Permit and Insurance

ALEEGO hold all needed flight permits, insurances policies and training allowing us to fly almost everywhere.

Reliability and Safety

We pride ourselves on using strict safety practices and guidelines. ALEEGO is committed to using the most leading edge equipment at all time and well adapted to missions requirements.

Civil works

Improve Project Progress Overview

For safer communication ways

UAV can perform quarries stock survey and indicate project progess by doing automatic survey of the fill/cut to compare to the expected progress.

  • Accurate project planning
  • Fast deployment
  • Digitize quarries stock
  • Increase safety
  • Faster identify work needed
  • Quicker locate areas of improvement

Oil and gas

Safety is everybody's priority

Increase production, reduce the risk exposure

Vessel, Flare Tip, Stack... are a high cost maintenance because of their difficult access and the risk exposure. Inspection done with UAV reduce the time process and data into a digitize data, as well it increase employee and contractor safety.


Don't miss the opportunity to feed more people

Greener fields

Precision agriculture provides a clear picture to identify weather or wildlife damages, it helps to plan irrigation path and as well it can increase the productivity by using multispectral vision which goes beyond human eyes capabilities.

  • Maximize production
  • Spot problems faster
  • Use less chemicals and water
  • Meet customers satisfaction
  • Increase site visibility
  • Improve customer experience

Real estate

Your properties from a different angle

Your project viewed from the sky

UAV allow Real Estate companies and Developers to their projects and properties from a different angle to customers, it increase customers satisfaction.

Solar farms

Renewables is everybody's matter

Renewable energy play a key role for a better future

Using UAV for Solar Farms Inspection will considerably cut inspection delay and increase the localisation of defective photovoltaic cells.

  • Improve inspection delays
  • Faster defective cell localisation
  • Creating of mapping result